Boiler Heating

Boiler heating provides the level of comfort you want when temperatures drop, and it’s a popular type of heating in many older homes in the Western Washington area. This type of heating system moves heat throughout the home by transferring the heat from hot water into each room via radiators, baseboard or radiant floor piping.

Boiler Installation

Our boiler installation services help you create a comfortable, consistent indoor climate in your home. Our team of installation consultants will provide you with information about the efficiency of our available boiler systems as well as recommend the best fit for your situation. Our installers apply a high level of expertise when installing each new boiler heating system to make sure it’s functioning perfectly in your home.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler system needs repair, one of the professional service technicians from HeatPro Boilers & Radiant will communicate your options to you, then the technician will take the necessary steps to put your boiler system back into good working condition.

Boiler Maintenance

Replacing a boiler that’s malfunctioning is an option as it gets older and less efficient, often it makes more sense to repair the system instead. Annual maintenance is focused on pre-empting major breakdowns by making sure the boiler is inspected and cleaned.

Advantages Of Regular Boiler Maintenance

While your boiler system may work without regular maintenance, there are important reasons why bringing in a Pro to have your heating system maintained is a good choice. These reasons include:
  • Saving money: When you keep your heating system in top shape by having regular preventative maintenance performed, it helps you cut costs by operating efficiently.
  • It lasts longer: Maintaining your heating system and fixing problems as soon as they arise helps prevent the snowball effect.
  • It reduces the likelihood of a breakdown that leads to emergency expenses.
  • It’s kind to the environment: A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently while using less fuel than one that isn’t maintained regularly. It also puts out less carbon monoxide so it’s gentler to the environment.
Boiler Maintenance
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